Sabit Brokaj: The SP withdraw out of tolerance, the DP surrendered unconditionally

Sabit Brokaj: The SP withdraw out of tolerance, the DP surrendered unconditionally
INTERVIEW/Former MP of the Socialist Party and former minister of Defence: Yee’s arrival rescued DP, it could not resist any longer

 For the old politician of the Socialist Party, Sabit Brokaj, the compromise that was reached for the solution of the electoral crisis has two aspects: SP made a “tactical withdrawal”, while the DP “surrendered unconditionally”. This is how the former minister of Defence sees the latest political movements in the country. According to him, the arrival to Tirana of the US diplomat, helped the DP, “because it was rescued and found a way to be justified in front of its supporters and allies”. In the exclusive interview for Albanian Free Press, Sabit Brokaj analyzes the political situation and talks about the next elections, which the SP will win in spite of the participation of the opposition parties.”The way the DP has acted, the groundless resistance against the Vetting, the Judicial Reform and other reforms, have awarded a victory to the SP”, the old politician says, who demands the SP not to make any concessions. 

Interviewed for Albanian Free Press by Albert Z. ZHOLI

 After the visit of the US diplomat Yee, it seems that compromise based on McAllister package is very near. Why did Basha and his allies accept it, after refusing it several weeks ago?

Non participation in the elections would entirely “obliterate” the DP as a political party. Those parties which do not participate in elections, are eliminated. The DP saw that the West was serious in its messages, offers and that with these offers it would recognize the elections based on the OSCE-ODIHR report. Therefore, it surrendered unconditionally. To reach its objectives and ambitions, which have damaged the country and an entire process, the DP has tried to manifest behaviors of this nature. In such situations, to preserve calm in the country, the SP has always withdrawn, thus demonstrating tolerance as part of its nature. So, the SP withdrew amidst a very aggravated political situation. The DP saw that it could no longer endure with the tent and outside Parliament. It also saw that the 13 May rally was a failure and that the 90 days of protest had damaged the DP, so it changed its course. Thus, it was forced to make this turn after the SP made many concessions.

What did 13 May, the day of the DP protest show?

That protest played a major role in convincing the DP to surrender. The DP wanted to use that protest as a threat, not only against the SP, but also against the West. The failed protest showed that the DP had no other choice, because it was abandoned even by its own people.

Many meetings were held yesterday: Basha with the allies, Basha with Berisha, Rama with Lu and it seems that the negotiations have been blocked in a point: on the date. Rama wants the elections to take place on 23 July, while the DP wants them to be held in Autumn. Why must there be so much debate on this point?

This is a big demand by the DP. Given that they stayed three months in the tent, they want more time to hold campaign on the field. In my opinion, it is not normal to postpone the elections to October. I think that the SP must insist on postponing the date within the normal constitutional period, until July. The SP must comply with the Constitution and not make concessions.

What about Meta’s election as President, was it the right choice?

For the moment, in these kinds of difficult situations or even in more difficult situations, I can say that it was the right choice.

Now we are expecting developments in the electoral process. Will there postponements, changes or new pre electoral alliances? How do you see the future of the alliance between SP and SMI?

Now, everything is open. I don’t know the law very well, but if the law allows the creation of alliances after the changes in the election date, of course we will have developments. At the start of the electoral process, the fact that the SP and SMI were reluctant in deciding for a pre-electoral alliance, related to the problems that were born within the DP in relation to the Vetting and the elections. Now, the problem of the elections is being solved and I think that there will be a solution and a coalition.

How do you predict the result of this election?

The way the DP has acted, the groundless resistance against the Vetting, the Judicial Reform and other reforms, have awarded a victory to the SP. This resistance, this stance against the reforms has been against Albania’s progress. This stance has led to a lot of obstacles in the development of Albania.

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