Who stopped at the Tent!?

Who stopped at the Tent!?
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By Frrok Çupi

Although they cursed and mocked the “Tent”, it seems to me that those who played the “devil”, now are seeing the Tent as a sanctuary.  Those who didn’t stop at the Tent during its 90 days, have regret it so much.

There were so many journalists who have thought of the Tent as a “loss” for the democrats; others have seen it as a “rubbish bin” which was littering the city; bureaucrats such as Mogherini arriving from the EU, walked from the Prime Minister’s office to Rogner Hotel by holding a hanky on the nose.

In several occasions, Ilir Meta of SMI was ready to enter the Tent as an inhabitant, but in all of those occasions, he made 50 steps backwards without making it there. His “enemy” ally, Rama watched him in distance stopping there, but Meta did not fall for this trap.

Who fell for the trap and who fell for the defeat which didn’t stop at the Tent?


The first ones to fall were the so called analysts and the so called thinkers who said that “the DP dies there”. When their grandmothers die, nobody will attend their funeral, because nobody will believe them from now on. How could the main opposition party die, the party that established political pluralism, the titanic political force which overthrew communist dictatorship in Albania?! How can a political party which is engaged in such political action die?! The DP was seen as a “soft party” or a “weak” one. Now that it became strong, they said that it’s dying. From the Tent, the Democratic Party created its leader and proved why it is “weak”. A “weak” opposition belongs to a country where the government is repressive. Those who praised the government by considering it “strong”, in fact “buried” it. In this century, there cannot be a strong government against the Opposition and human rights. They said that the government would go to the elections without the opposition and that the West would “recognize the elections!”… Insanity which comes as a result of stepping on a sanctuary.


The liberal emissaries and leftists from the EU fell for the trap. Fleckenstein of the leftist groups from Hamburg and Mogherini from the anti-European communist ranks, came first, in order not to “touch” the Tent, because they were disgusted by it. European libertarians, who according to Pope Francis are nothing else but “anarchist socialists” didn’t think that they would clash at the Tent and be defeated. A clash between western populist right wing conservatives and old liberal streams that formed arrogant political elites, happened at the Tent.  Conservatives may have not won in this case, even though Trump won in the US and Brexit won in Britain; but the battle of Tirana would be the best sign of Albanian civilization. Some of those sent by the EU were employees of George Soros, who is being considered to be the person funding a “Sorosian” and dangerous left wing in the EU and Eastern countries.

The Tent won; the cause of the acceptable elections prevailed, the “undefeated” government surrendered; power was balanced; the protest turned into a school of democracy and not violence; the developed world turned its focus here. Then, we can say that Albanians who were accused of “delayed democracy”, showed that they know how to embrace democracy.


Why did Ilir Meta not remain here?

Had he become part of the protest against the government arrogance, this would have helped his political “airplane” take off.

Although he is a regular attendant of religious ceremonies in the heights of Tomorr Mount, Mr. Meta could not discover the other “sanctuary”, the Tent. He thought this was a cursed or a neutral place, but he was wrong. Finding himself between two great powers, such as the desire for power and the fear of leaving his ally Rama, Mr. Meta stayed away from the Tent.

Ilir Meta chose to be elected president of Republic by cursing the Tent. In Parliament he was only voted by one side, the government. The opposition was not even asked, although Meta had declared that “I shall not be elected without the Opposition’s consensus”. But these words had no value and he was driven by his passion for a higher post.

The head of SMI immediately fell for three “traps” at once:

The first one: he detached himself from the protesting instincts for “democracy”, remaining on the side of the failed elites.

Secondly, his ally Rama, bit him by “kissing” him. He was given the post of president to get rid of him, but he didn’t realize it.

Thirdly, according to the agreement known as “McAlister + Pact”, Ilir Meta must also leave the post of the president, as the latter should be elected with the consensus of both sides.

Ilir Meta may be left even without the SMi now.  Perhaps this was the first one to lose from the curse of the “sanctuary”; the second one is PM Edi Rama and so on. Those who couldn’t be bothered to stop at the Tent…

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