In King Zog’s court

In King Zog’s court
For the first time, we have the history of the Albanian royal court, seen from inside. SkënderZogu, son to AhmetZogu’s brother, who currently lives in France, has just published a book with memoirs. The kingdom, the departure on 7 April 1939, the bitter exile, the death of the king in his eyes, the attack with explosives against his gave to rob the corpse, the truth about Xhevdet Mustafa and the novel “Migration of the cuckoos”. A different perspective from a rare character.

 AhmetZogu’s nephew: Evidence that prove that LekaZogu had no ties with Xhevdet Mustafa’s ring

By Roland Qafoku

AhmetZogu was the king and all of his relatives did not need to fight for fame and titles. Nephews, nieces and cousins were princes and princesses. They were at the center of Albania and of the royal court. He was a prince too, but a worthier prince than the others. He studied and graduated in chemistry. He became an engineer and master of himself. He was SkënderZogu, son to XhelalZogu, who was brother to King AhmetZogu. A known and unknown character for Albanian and Albanians. Thanks to his formation, he has also done something else, which has been done by no other prince or princess of Zogu’s family. He has published a book of memoirs. Up until, we have seen, heard and read all kinds of stories in newspapers and books on the royal family. Good and bad, true and false. They have been written by professionals and nonprofessionals. By foreigners and Albanians. But now, the events, facts and details come from someone within the court, they come from the mind and hands of SkënderZogu. A book, which in fact was missing among the books on the history of the kingdom. The life of the royal family in Tirana, its departure from Albania on 6 April 1939, life in exile, death of King Zog, life of LekaZogu and his perspective on many events, which gave this family the status of the royal family and which in turn, bore the titles of princes and princesses. However, these titles caused many sufferings. A sad story, which SkënderZogu has confessed with so much proficiency and with the help of translator Lazër and editor Diana Çuli. It is a book which sets history in motion. Up until today, we had no books with the memoirs of AhmetZogu, queen Geraldine, their son, prince Leka or their nephew, Leka I. AhmetZogu’s nephew, Skënder broke this rule.


Perhaps, the most interesting story relates to Xhevdet Mustafa’s gang. SkënderZogu rules out LekaZogu’s involvement in this story and offers facts and proof that it was all orchestrated by the former security services. This is how he describes that story:


“Fadil, who had told me in Paris that he would introduce me to several Albanians, took me to a rich Albanian businessman, HaltiBajrami, who did trade with EnverHoxha. This person received me and asked me: Why the hell is LekaZogu launching a campaign against the Albanian regime? EnverHoxha serves to the people, while you lot, the monarchists, are wasting time. People don’t want you. Meanwhile, I stood up and said: Sir, I see that your trade is going well with the one who ill-treats our collaborators and who is a cruel dictator. I am leaving, but one day you will realize who EnverHoxha is. I refused the coffee and left.

Later, I discovered that the project to land in Albanian shores, was conceived and funded by these people. The entire “plot” of Xhevdet Mustafa, aka Billy, for the needs of this operation, was planned in Oakland by agents of secret police with the help of their agent, HalitBajrami, aka Aleks, who had provided authorities in Tirana with all the information concerning this operation. They had a contact in Rome. He was SabaudinHaznedari, the so called Dino, who was killed during the landing of the armed group in the Albanian coasts on 25 September 1982. Xhevdet was also killed, while FadilKaceli, aka Fred, was lucky, as he remained injured before getting on the boat to conduct the operation and did not disembark. Communists had spread the word that Xhevdet Mustafa was related to king Leka, but the latter, who had heard the news coming from Belgium, how a group of Albanians had planned the attack, had warned his people to remain vigilant and not be fall for this trap set up by secret services.

After the death of the dictator in 1985, press in New Zealand discovered that the entire operation had been set up by the communist regime to compromise the Albanian Defence minister”.




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