Crisis and cults

Crisis and cults
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By Frrok Çupi

Everyone says that “we have a crisis”. What is there not to admire here?! Why are we treating it as a cult? (Cult means “veneration”, originating from the Latin term ‘cultus’). The Freedom Tent has been set up for 60 days now in the central boulevard of Tirana and it serves as the “Archimedes lever” or the opposition’s location to fight in order to achieve its ideas. “He will not be passing here”, the opposition declared, “before free elections are organized through a government of technocrats”. The “tent” is a Cult now.

The tent, which serves as an altar where friends, enemies and bystanders pass and everyone else, pray.

The enemies’ prayer:

The government is the biggest enemy of the tent. Each second and each day, the tent demands the government to resign, leave and allow a government of technocrats to enable “the people to vote freely”. In mythology, where cults were created, the government would be considered as “dragon” which has blocked all sources of “free vote”.

Is the government not entitled to hate the tent? Of course it is. If it meets the requests coming from the tent, then the government will lose power, it will lose the wealth that it has collected and the possibility to collect more wealth; it would lose all its privileges, the right to rule and insult people by calling them “ants”. This is no small matter. The tent spends its time doing nothing; it stays there in front of the government and each morning it says to it: “Pass through here and resign!”.

The government goes crazy and in this process, it creates the cult surrounding the tent. Every time he addresses to the people, the Prime Minister speaks about the tent. He insults, doesn’t comment; but this doesn’t matter. The Prime Minister speaks with his government and talks about the tent. He fights and encourages his comrades, but he doesn’t praise the tent. But still, it doesn’t matter. He creates the cult surrounding the tent. Delegates from abroad arrive at the Prime Minister’s office. As soon as they leave their suitcases, they start to talk about the tent. The Prime Minister is once again surrounded by obsession, because whoever in their right mind, knows that a resignation is nothing compared to a massive protest and a tent that drives you crazy and there’s nothing you can do about it. As soon as the Prime Minister is told that it’s not the end of the world if he leaves, he is engulfed by obsession and fear. At the same time, he creates a cult. In other words, he spreads the cult on the tent through ERTV.

Even more when the Prime Minister’s ally, Meta, says that the Prime Minister must go to the tent for talks. At that moment, the tent turns into a real “cultus”. It doesn’t matter if he hates or loves this point of the Globe where the Tent is located; what’s important is that this tent has turned into a cult for the government.

The Prime Minister doesn’t speak of anything else during this time. He doesn’t speak about the daily bread of the people, their health or their safety, but only about the tent. The government has turned like an infatuated young girl who fears the love “secret”. According to Freud, she tears every letter that she finds, because she’s afraid someone may discover her love letters. And the government “tears” every possibility that exists on the tent, because it is obsessed and it has created a cult around the tent.

The friends’ prayer:

Friends from everywhere are coming to visit the tent. The first ones are friends from the West. Besides the Americans, who do not suffer the complex of “liberal elites” that their European counterparts suffer, other westerns clash with opponents here at the tent. As soon as a liberal leftist appears praising the government, a rightists follows. Didn’t you see yesterday? The German leftist Gabriel, who is a minister in a right wing government, attacked the tent and said to it: “Leave and give way to the left!”.  The tent turned into a cult of obsession about the German. After him, an Englishman arriving from Brexit’s century long “triumph”, Mr. Daniel Hannan, said that “a technocrat  government must be formed at once”. The European cults of this era, when efforts are being made to separate good from almost 70 years of evil, are inspired here.

But the friends of democracy, Albanians, “pray” without stopping. They come and go from the tent, they make selfies and show off to other people on Facebook. They register the portrait and say that “tomorrow they must be in power”. Given that they are contributing for the tent, they must have some privileges (!). Others who do not appear here still have strong ties: They “exercise” to defend the leader who receives life threats. But they also exercise in case “enemies” come at night to remove the tent. The war creates faster and cleaner cults.

Bystanders’ prayer:

The media may be considered as an interested bystander. Media which belong to the “Fake News” model are creating cults. Although they often create the tent’s cult, being physically away from the tent. The media accepts any video that the government and political parties register and where they praise themselves in front of the tent’s “curse”. And so, they create the cult fast. Even the worst journalist in the world would not strive as much as the Prime Minister and the parties to create the cult of the opponent.

After this, the media and the poor journalists with suspicious owners, hunt the “prey” to create a cult. The same as in the old days, when prey was the first cult. Didn’t you hear them on Saturday when Rama-Meta meeting was held? Someone from the media said that “Meta was 10 minutes late. Why? Because he met foreign tourists”. Someone said Rama “had worn a T-shirt with graphics on it”…

The cult of the prey is a cult which is created by those who lie the most.

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