Basha and Rama inspect problematic areas

Basha and Rama inspect problematic areas
Prime Minister Edi Rama and leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha have inspected today the areas that were flooded by the heavy rain.

Basha has been seen in the village of Ferras, in Fier, wearing a pair of long boots standing in the middle of the water. Basha said that “residents have complained about a government which has abandoned them in this natural disaster”.

Meanwhile,  Prime Minister Rama was in the district of Berat where he visited the flooded areas and the regional hospital.

“In Ura Vajgurore, thanks to the investments that were made to contain the river, the buildings in the agricultural fields that were flooded each winter and went through a catastrophic situation in 2015, this time they have not been affected, although the amount of water was very high”, Rama said.

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