Collapsed bridge

Collapsed bridge
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By Frrok Çupi

They took a collapsed bridge in Fushe Kruja and compared it to Mes Bridge. They used both bridges for political gains.

The bridge of Fushe Kruja collapsed by the heavy floods seen in the past few days in Albania.

Why did the opposition unfold Mes Bridge? It unfolded it, but at the same time, it didn’t unfold it. It only unfolded the part that it needed, the part against the government: “See? The 600 year old bridge doesn’t collapse, while the bridges that you built collapsed in a matter of two years”, the opposition told the government. Meanwhile, it didn’t unfold the cultural part, although politics is not interested on culture. The fact that the opposition politics lack culture was proven by the fact that the Mes Bridge is “600 years old”. Everyone knows that Mes Bridge is not 600, but 300 years old. If you lie to people from the start (through a lack of culture) that the bridge is 600 years old, then it cannot be trusted even about the rains flooding the land.


If it we were in the 18th century, we wouldn’t have the floods of 1 December 2017. People are wrong when they make comparisons between periods. In the past few days, we have heard people refer to the dictator. “If we were in his time, there wouldn’t be any floods”, they say. Because, in this case, those who drown do not notice the floods. This is why “there wouldn’t be any floods (!). Comparison is the most primitive way of study and measurements.  At the present, bridges are needed for consumption by passersby (or to deceive them)…; but we also need them as an instrument of gain for officials.


The case of the “Bridge” put people and politics on two opposite sides. In fact, in this aspect, the entire age of almost biblical floods, didn’t cause any collapse. The government has announced that it will invest 1 billion lek for water in 2018, while water causes floods. 1 billion lek are only 10 million USD or ten times more than the amount of money that was found in the car of  the businessman who was a friend to minister Tahiri, Sota. They were just pocket money.

Nonetheless, not even the “collapsed bridge” or the terrible floods didn’t put the people in two sides. What I mean by this is the fact that the opposition didn’t react. People should not be blamed. Even when the bridge collapsed, people only saw one side, not two. The political opposition in the country doesn’t function. Given that we didn’t see the opposition react this time with the big floods, that means it doesn’t exist. Nobody from the opposition was seen in the battle against the floods.  The leader of the Democratic Party emerged today, on the third day, when the sun was out. He went as “far” as Fushe-Kruja, five kilometers from Kamza, Tirana. And that was it. MPs were summoned and were told not to go anywhere.

“Why is one of the ‘bridge’s supports’ missing-the opposition?”, everyone wondered…

The opposition has made the vow of the “matrimony “ with the government, “for best and for worst”. This is one of the reasons.


The state has realized why the “bridge collapsed”. The big floods which, fortunately, did not claim any lives, could claim the life of the government, if there was democracy and an opposition.  But the government is fully capable to discover why the bridge fell. Within the government, one of the supports is always missing. This time, we saw real investments missing. “What is reality?”, someone may wonder. “Reality” is neither a business, nor a city where there can be investments, but it is something else. In the past five years, the government has been investing in “Virtual” reality. It comes out with promotional clips, it paints lines on the road, it plants palm trees, it decorates façades, it gives medals, it maintains bungers and the tunnels of the dictator…, all of these caused floods.

The opposition too was caught investing in the “Virtual” city. According to the charges that were filed, the opposition has invested 1 million USD in the US for electoral campaigns. The rest of it was invested in the “Offshore” virtual city.

God sent a hand and warned the state: the government and the opposition; but it protected people from death. The second time, if no investments are made in the magical city of “Reality”, then the entire bridge may collapse upon us.

This time, only 12 small bridges, where 12 billion tons of iron and concrete were stolen, collapsed.

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