Rama-Szydlo: Direct line between Tirana and Warsaw

Rama-Szydlo: Direct line between Tirana and Warsaw
Albanian PM, Edi Rama held an official visit to Poland where he was received by his Polish counterpart, Beata Szydlo.

During the joint press conference delivered after the meeting, Rama said that  “The number of Poles who visited Albania was 74% higher than last year. This is why I have asked Madam the Prime Minister to encourage Polish airline companies to look into the possibility of introducing a direct line which would generate highly beneficial”.

On her part, the Polish PM expressed her conviction that the European Commission will recognize Albania’s reforms, in order to decide on a date about the the EU accession talks.

During this news conference, Szydlo also said that “we have a long experience and many experts in the domain of European integration. We’re ready to share this experience with Albania”.

“I am hopeful that the European Commission will acknowledge Albania’s reforms by setting a clear date for the launch of negotiations in 2018”, she added.

Meanwhile, she also offered Poland’s support for the reform in the judicial system.

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