Rare confession of Vito Kapo

Rare confession of Vito Kapo
How did I become Enver Hoxha’s first secretary

The wife of the closest and most trusted man of the former dictator, Enver Hoxha, Hysni Kapo, who now lives in a modest home, comes with this rare interview for Albanian Free Press. An interesting confession of the life of Vito Kapo’s life. Kapo was former President of the Union of Albanian Women for 34 years in a row and former minister of the Light Industry. But, now, she lives in the ground floor of a former institute of research. At a very young age, Vito Kapo has participated in the National-Liberation Army, where she was acquainted with Hysni Kapo, that she later married. Everything on the former MP who served during several mandates of the communist Parliament…

Prepared exclusively for Albanian Free Press by Albert Z. Zholi

Vito Kapo’s apartment is situated in a three storey building in the “21 Dhjetori” quarter in Tirana. As soon as one goes in, one immediately notices the brown book shelves, which contain around 1500 books published during the communist regime, but also books published in the present days. She stands up and shakes our hand, inviting us in. Somewhere in the living room, we see a picture of Hysni Kapo with Vito Kapo taken in 1970 in Dhermi; on the left there’s a family photo, on the right there’s a photo of Alqi Kondi, Vito’s brother. With grey hair and a pure and soft skin, she speaks slowly, answering all the questions that addressed her without making any mistakes, despite her age.

Comrade Vito, the press and TV often make allegations about the National Liberation Army, going as far as claiming that no war has been done. What is your opinion on this war?

I have also heard such debates on television and I have also read on the press. I read them, but I cannot believe my very own eyes. It’s a real nightmare. The National Liberation War is the most heroic war of the Albanian people. It is the most organized war and the biggest one in all of its history. I am not the only one to say it. This was also written by ally representatives who have been here during the war. The war has also been praised by the former Soviet Union.

But, today, National Front Party is throwing mud on the war claiming that “the partisans didn’t fight”, “partisans only had a few rifles” or that “invading forces only passed in the country”. It’s even said that the National Front has fought against invaders as much as partisans. What is your opinion?

It’s well known that the Albanian Quisling government had four frontists in it. But, can you tell me what the National Front’s military formations were? How many brigades or battalions did it have? Where have they fought? What are their historical battles? Where have they fought? What are their historical battles? Where have their martyrs fallen? I can say that during the war, many of them who were disappointed by the National Front, joined partisan forces. They were many of them. But, I can also say what the great Dritero Agolli said: I have never heard a song about frontists fighting in the war.

Another debate is the debate on the role of Enver Hoxha in the war. They say that he has never fired a gun during the war and that he has not been among the leaders of this war.

(She smiles). There will always be people who will throw mud. Nobody can deny the role of Enver Hoxha in the war. Enver Hoxha was a visionary leader, who never slept in his tent. The tent received couriers from many regions of Albania, bringing fresh information there. Enver gathered this information and offered his recommendations. Nobody ever slept in that tent. Of course, Enver could not participate in every battle, but he fought every time the General Staff was under siege, along with other partisans. All over the world, war leaders are not directly involved in fights. Stalin, Churchill or Hitler have not been involved. Leaders have another role, they are not soldiers. In such wars, leaders are well protected, because if the leader is caught or killed, then the war ends. These are war rules. On the other hand, when I hear people making comparisons between Enver and Hitler, I am disgusted. This is a groundless comparison.

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