They can no longer restrain themselves

They can no longer restrain themselves
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By Frrok Çupi

The last question can be asked at the very beginning: What drove these people into a state of nervousness?

For instance: What happened with our state to encourage a group of people to destroy the Democratic Republic? Can you not see that the building of the Republic has been taken to the ground? Let me say it one more time: Parliament, the institution that makes laws, has fallen since it created the “monster” called Justice. The last day was 8 December when Parliament “elected” the “interim” Prosecutor General. Parliament violated the Constitution of the Republic with the simplest element, the “interim” status given to this official in question.

As soon as the Constitution fell, none of the pillars of the state was no longer standing on their feet: everyone is in the air due to the “Judicial Reform”. Everyone is now “interim” and are operating in violation of the law, starting with the Prosecutor General. Is it possible for the political state to put the physical state on the market and nobody asks it “why”?

Why all of this nervousness?

The second instance:

Brussels, which acts as the former “Moscow” of our political state, can no longer restrain itself. Now, it is not even preserving its ethics and the necessary discretion of the bad intention. The EU emerges as a chaotic group which is the opposite of civilized traditional Europe. It has no principles, no frameworks and no manners.

Here are three facts:

The President of the European Commissioner, Juncker, issued an “invoice” three days ago for all member states. In a press conference that he appeared in, he launched quite a nervous appeal: “Bring money to the EU. Interest charges will be accruedfor each state”. He demanded 18 billion euros from the 27 remaining members, after Britain’s departure, because “now we no longer have Britain”. This means that one country should provide 1 billion euros and another a little less for the EU administration. What a cost and what arrogance!

The second fact:

On behalf of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt declared in a nervous state that those who do not obey the EU’s administration, will be expelled. In other words, he threatened Hungary and Poland, which do not agree with EU policies on migration. The former Belgian Prime Minister went even further, saying that “those nations that vote the right wing, no longer have place in the EU”. Never before were such threats fathomed in the name of Europe. It looks like a state of panic.

The third fact:

The high representative for the EU foreign policy, Federica Mogherini travelled to Cuba last week where she was received by high ranking officials. She has dared to go back to her old political Marxist-Leninist behavior. Before, she used to be secretary of Marxist youth in Italy and a strong opponent of the EU. She remained in the shadow for as long as she could and in the end, she went back to communist Cuba. She apologized to this country for being abandoned by the West and invited it to collaborate with Brussels. The reason for this is known: The EU is attempting to “isolate” America, even by collaborating with countries that breach human rights, such as it is the case with Cuba. Mogherini said in Cuba that countries that are ruled by dictators must be approached “to cut costs”. Everyone can realize now that the EU is no longer able to contain itself.

But, why is all this happening? We went back to the starting question, which normally, should have been asked in the end.

In Tirana, two sides are aiming for one master:

Reform in Justice and Drugs were erected here as two parallel trees, cultivated at the same time, to provide shadow to each other.

On one hand, the reform would inspire people with the Soviet style enthusiasm saying that “we’re imprisoning enemies and winning against them”. But, this made the country look like a sheep, where one side raised, while the other sank. In front of the people, the government was painted like Saint George slaying the corrupt Dragon. It was said that “many fishes would be baked”.

This would cover the moral side of things. What about the money side of things?

It would come from drugs. With the drugs that the state possesses, the state would have an 8 billion euro budget, double of the legal amount of the state’s budget. This would pay for the elections, the ambassadors and the international community and it would preserve power for one thousand years.

And here we are: Now, power no longer functions, it has come to a gridlock! The two sides remain in a state of nervousness in front of the “ruins”: International community and domestic players. The international community has packed up and the only thing that they want is to be certified as masterminds of the reform. After this, “bye bye!”.

But, there’s nervousness, because one never knows what can happen until the day they leave. The ones who remain here will ask for other “international players”.

What about Brussels?

Even there, they have packed their suitcases. 2018 and 2019 will see elections in the majority of EU countries. The blue colors of the populist conservatives, followers of Trump, Brexit and Vishegrad, are covering the map. The old demagogic liberal elites are being contested everywhere. Even “mother” Merkel is not able to form a government after last September’s elections. In 2019, there will be elections in the EU institutions, from Parliament to Council. Nobody knows where they will be. Brexit and Trump’s elections has pushed the establishment on the edge. “Liberals” have remained speechless. Within a year, Trump’s administration created 2.1 million jobs and reduced unemployment to 4.1%. What European country has can speak with figures and not with words?

Now, they can no longer restrain themselves!

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