600,000 for 1

600,000 for 1
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By FrrokÇupi

Were they or were they not 600,000? The opposition’s protest left behind two philosophies:

The first one: philosophy of numbers, and

The second one: philosophy of being.

In this case, we all find ourselves between two ages: The age when people were mere numbers and the age that we’re still searching: Being is a value, not a number!

During half a century of communist dictatorship, people represented numbers and work mechanisms; how many workers, how many members of the Albanian Workers Party, how many soldiers, how many highlanders, how many priests, how many pupils… Even the martyrs of the nation only were valued as numbers once they were buried. In his first visit to Stalin, the communist dictator was asked how many martyrs had fallen “against Germans” and he didn’t know what to say. In his diabolical mind, he came up with a geographical figure, that of the area of the territory of Albania. “One martyr for each square kilometer, comrade Stalin!”, he said. They took the map and the number that they came up with was 28.000. This number remained a value of communism, while those who were, weren’t anymore.

On Sunday morning, the Prime Minister of the Republic, Rama, woke up with numbers in his mind. “How many were they during the opposition’s protest?!”, supposedly he asked someone. The other one, like the visitor who was Stalin’s guest, gave him an answer that pleased him, and so, both of them were happy by saying that “it was a number less than 600,000”. It’s been 24 hours that everyone has been discussing as to whether they were 600,000 or not?!

Alright, let us say that they were 10 times less, 60,000; let us say that they were 100 times less, 6000; let us suppose that they were double this amount… In fact, according to the western method of counting participants in a protest, every figure must be multiplied by several times, because only 1% of those who “hate you” say it to you, even less on the street. However, if a Prime Minister is hated by 600 or 6000 members of his nation and they dare to say it to him openly, then this Prime Minister must come out on the government’s balcony and tell them: “Hey, don’t throw stones at me, hear me first: “Farewell, my enemies!” This is a matter of value and not numbers.

The number of protesters in the Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard, which I saw along with two million others, was very big. Of course, we didn’t count them and nobody counted them. But until we count them, the government against which protests are taking place, will allow for the situation to degenerate in economy, crime rate, drugs and many other things.


In the 80 day protest, people produced two elements for which we debated in cafes and balconies while counting the stars in the evening:

First, it produced a balance of values, but also “numerical” ones, if you will. For the first time, the opposition emerged as a supremacy over the majority. After gathering from all over the country in Tirana, the opposition went back home without any dead. In January 2011, the opposition of that time, which is now in power, went home, but left 4 dead people on the square. He called on people to burn institutions, to attack everyone and left dead bodies behind. Those leaders said that even if 13,000 people had died on the square that day, it would be worth it. (See news reports of that day). For that type of opposition (in government today), both the living and the martyrs are mere numbers. There was nobody, no skeptic, no militants saying that the opposition had a smaller value than the government. Everyone saw how the opposition grew.


Secondly, the opposition’s protest produced a leader.

Had we not said that the Democratic Party had no leader able to seize power? Yes, thousands of times. The leader of the Democratic Party, Basha, finally emerged as a national leader, strong, full of virtues, clear and sensible. During his entire manifest, he showed that he has a clear idea where he sees the country and the individual. He said that “nothing will ever be as it is”. He promised that people will no longer be abused with by the government, that no budget money will everbe misused, that people will not sink into poverty, they will not be killed and robbed by state officials and that Soros would never use them against Civilized World.


As for the numbers, they will continue to count. “Man is a number”, the communist sociology used to say. Up to this day, Hillary and Soros continue to count and they continue to claim that “Trump doesn’t have the numbers”. This is the phenomenon: people came up with that “other thing”, otherwise we would have been suffocated by numbers.

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