Tritan Shehu: Post electoral alliance between DP and SMI? We will see the result first

Tritan Shehu: Post electoral alliance between DP and SMI? We will see the result first
INTERVIEW/Member of the Democratic Party leadership: The DP will come out first in the polls, time will dictate further decisions

Albanian Free Press

In his visit to Tirana regarding the problems of Albanian politics in relation to the parliamentary elections, Hoyt Brian Yee said that the package that was presented by McAllister is a fair and honest package which could lead toward a solution. Besides reconfirming the political offer, the US official has also launched a warning that the USA will recognize the elections, even if the opposition parties do not participate.

It seems that the DP is exploiting this “last chance” that is being given. Leader Basha has started a number of political meetings since the meeting with the US official and the chances to reach a deal which would see the opposition participating in the elections, seem to be promising.

But how does the Democratic Party see the situation? One of the most experienced figures of the party’s leadership, Tritan Shehu, told Albanian Free Press that the DP is making all efforts to come to a solution. Shehu also congratulates Ilir Meta on his election as President of Republic.

A signal for the possibility of a coalition between DP and SMI after the elections? Tritan Shehu neither admits it, nor does he deny it. He simply says that “further decisions will be taken based on the result”

After the visit of the US State Department senior official, Yee, it seems that there is once again a chance to solve the political crisis based on McAllister package. How do you predict the events in the hours to come?

 I am not part of these talks, therefore I shall not make any comments until there’s something public. I hope a solution will be found, which will enable free and fair elections in Albania. Of course, such elections are not possible without the participation of the opposition in them. This is crucial. Mr. Basha is making all efforts to come to a solution. But we must not forget that it was the majority the one that caused this situation and it’s the majority’s responsibility on what is happening with crime, drugs, the sale of votes, the use of state institutions for political interests, etc. Thus, it’s the responsibility of the majority to accept solutions and not to attempt to create a monist system, something which would be very dangerous.

What did the 13 May protest prove for the DP? How do you consider the participation in this protest, after it turned into a topic of debates?

 The last protest proved the broad support that not only the DP has, but also the cause that it has raised in defending the free vote and democracy. You ask about numbers and I can confirm that this was one of the largest protests held in these years of democracy in our country. And this is a clear message for everyone.

How do you comment Meta’s election as President? Is this a President that the DP likes?

The DP has long said that it had no claims on the issue of the President. This time the President belonged to the left wing. Meta is an experienced politician and I would like to wish  good luck to him on this new position.


The SP decided to enter the elections without SMI in its coalition. This scheme may change of the elections are postponed. However, can there be a post electoral coalition between DP and SMI if the DP participates in the elections?

SMI is part of the majority today and we cannot speak of pre-electoral coalitions with it. This has been stressed several times by Mr. Basha. Let us hope that the necessary conditions for free elections will be enabled with the participation of everyone (all the parties). Then, based on the result, which I am convinced that it will make the Democratic Party the first party in the country, if we’re in a situation of normality, we will decide on further steps.

What path will the DP choose to head to elections?

The paths to guarantee free and fair elections are democratic. I am convinced that there cannot be any deformed elections now in Albania and I would like to stress that there will not be any elections without the opposition.

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