The EU’s drunken official

The EU’s drunken official
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By Frrok Çupi

In my mind, I don’t have just the images of a drunken man who was filmed in high level meetings. In my mind, I have the images of the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. These footage have gone viral and entertaining everyone. The President of the Commission, the most senior EU official, appears at the peak of the old European “pyramid”, stepping on the red carpet, sometimes going left outside of the carpet, sometimes on the right, toward the dignitaries who are expecting him. Then, he kisses someone on the front, or grabs some Prime Minister from the elbow. Mrs. Merkel avoids him, because she has elected him and she knows he’s a drunkard. She’s the only one who can escape him…

This is the image of the president, but here, I’m not only referring to this drunken state.

Someone who reads the media in the Albanian language, had posted a comment below the news story on the drunken president: “Was he (Juncker) drunk when he spoke in Brussels and told Rama that we will be accepted in the EU?”

The EU is not clear with the EU

Since the day when PM Rama met with the EU officials, Mogherini, Trajani and Juncker on 18 December 2017, there still no signals if Albania exists or not. That day in Brussels and afterwards in Tirana, enthusiasm broke out like alcohol vapors, because, according to the EU, Albania would launch accession talks in 2018. As soon as the EU “washed its face with cold water”, there was no more news. The EU knows that its declarations don’t have any value and authorities in Tirana know all too well that the messages that it conveys to its people on behalf of the EU have no value.

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn traveled to his birthplace, Vienna and issued a statement on the possibility of the accession of Western Balkan countries in the EU. He issued a signal to Albania that there are no signs of expansion until 2025.

What would the reader that I mentioned and who said that “Juncker was drunk when he made his promise in Brussels” say if he heard Mr. Hahn? He would certainly feel puzzled and wonder: “Which one of them is sober? Juncker or Hahn?” Nobody in the EU is clear on the declarations made on Albania. Within a year, the EU has had five different stances on the accession talks between Albania and the EU.

The EU hides form itself

The EU leadership would want nothing more than the lack of media. But, European civilization is founded on the freedom of media. Why wouldn’t the EU leadership want the media? In order not to spread irresponsible and untrue declarations. In order not to spread the footage showing the drunken president, kissing and hugging other personalities. In order not to give the impression that the EU is lacking statesmen.

The efforts to hide within itself are becoming ridiculous.


Efforts to create inexistent columns which will hold the EU on its feet

The EU has written and writes that it’s great that the French president, Macron is an Europeanist. According to the EU, the second success consists of the “big coalition” of liberals of Merkel’s government in Germany. Like Mr. Macron, Mrs. Merkel’s popularity is falling too.


The second plan is to “Africanize Europe”

Europe is planning on digitalizing markets and it has commended the policy of massive migration. Now, the plan is to boost relations with Africa. The EU is declaring that “the experience with refugees” gave us the opportunity to know Africa’s true values. Although over 200 refugees heading to Europe have been stranded in the snow in Belgrade, the EU considers this as a success. After losing the European countries, the EU turns its head to Africa and the Balkans, up to the Russian borders.


The EU predicts 2019 to be the best year

This was said by several EU “experts”. But, in fact, the very future of the EU depends on the year 2019.

The majority of EU member countries will hold elections in 2019 and these countries include states which have openly declared that they’re against the EU, such as Hungary, Czech Republic , Slovakia, Latvia, Italy along with the objections of Austria, Bulgaria and Romania. Then, why does the EU consider 2019 a “good year”?

In 2019, Merkel’s government will face the following dilemma: “To be or not to be!”. Even if the German coalition is forged, analysts say that it can never work out. Then, without Merkel, the EU lies to itself.

In 2019, there will be elections for the EU institutions: Parliament,  Council, Commission…  Who knows who will replace Juncker and Trajan…?

In 2018-2019, we will face the “Cataluna” phenomenon once again. Will the vote of the citizens for the independence of Cataluna be accepted? The EU declares that “the vote doesn’t solve the basic problems”. The EU is attacking democracy for the sake of power. It hopes on doing the same thing with Brexit. But, can an EU exist without a democracy?

Everyone hides behind himself.

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