Cakaj says Poznan summit must come out with a clear message for accession

Cakaj says Poznan summit must come out with a clear message for accession
Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj underlines that the Poznań Summit must send a powerful message that  accession talks must be opened for Albania in October.

Attending the meeting between Western Balkans foreign ministers and ministers from  EU member states, Cakaj said that the participating countries must clearly state their position in support of the opening of the accession negotiations for Albania.

Cakaj said that the development platform conducive to regional cooperation cannot replace the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans.

Acting Minister Cakaj wrote on Facebook that the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs at Poznań of Poland focused on two principal topics:

‘Regional cooperation in the interests of integration into the EU and empowering the civil society as an inalienable instrument to help foster regional interaction,’ Cakaj writes.

He states that initiatives such as RYCO and the Western Balkans Fund are having a very positive impact on the cross-ethnic reconciliation process in the Balkans. Acting Minister also hailed the other achievements in the framework of regional cooperation.

‘The agreement on reduction in the roaming costs, the recognition of diplomas and academic qualifications and other initiatives conducive to technological and digital skills will have considerable impact on the overall professional development and thorough customs interaction at a regional level,’ he writes.