Meta proposes parliamentary and presidential elections

Meta proposes parliamentary and presidential elections
Amidst a political crisis which has been lasting for the past six months, the Albanian president, Ilir Meta proposed the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections today as the only way solution to this crisis.

The head of the Albanian state said that October 13 must be the date on which these elections are held.

“On 13 October, there must be parliamentary and presidential elections. This is the only solution to this crisis in order for Albanians not to leave Albania any longer. This is the solution that I offer and I wouldn’t feel ashamed if the people do not vote me”, the head of the state.

President Meta has also called on the country's prime minister, Edi Rama to act more responsibly. As far as the international community is concerned, the head of the state declared that foreign diplomats must no longer mock the country's Constitution.

Meanwhile, this is the first news conference that the president delivers after Sunday's local elections, which were held despite the president's decree which cancelled them.