Opposition holds yet another anti-govt demonstration

Opposition holds yet another anti-govt demonstration
Opposition in Albania organized on Monday evening the 10th anti-government demonstration since the start of a wave of protests six months ago.

The leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha addressed a crowd of protesters who had gathered in front of the prime minister’s office. Basha proposed “a constitutional, political and electoral reform”, but according to him, these challenges will be addressed once Edi Rama leaves the post of prime minister.

“These reforms will guarantee everyone the right to choose”.

The leader of the Democratic Party said that this crisis cannot be solved if those who stole the votes of Albanian people are not brought to justice.

“This change may only come if we don’t repeat what we have done in the past. The crisis will only be solved with principles and not bargaining. This crisis will be solved by putting an end to impunity. Those who led the country to a crisis will not come out as saviours”.

The political crisis in the country started five months ago when the opposition took to the streets to demand fresh general elections. The opposition accused socialist PM, Edi Rama of corruption and electoral fraud in the 2017 parliamentary elections. The crisis deepened even further when the opposition decided to boycott parliament and when a while ago, the German newspaper, Bild, leaked several taped conversations involving senior socialist officials allegedly discussing matters of vote buying on the phone.