PM Rama meets the EU President

PM Rama meets the EU President
The President of the European Union, Donald Tusk held a meeting in Brussels with the Albanian PM Edi Rama.

In his speech, Tusk said that the EU supports Albania and the reforms that it has launched throughout the years.

Meanwhile, he adds that Albania’s European aspirations require an unstoppable process of reforms.

“We are on the same side and it is a pleasure that I am in the presence of my good Albanian friends. Today we were focused on our cooperation for the future. I can assure you that here in the European Council, you can have faith on our support. We would like to confirm that we praise your reforms aimed at fulfilling European ambitions”, said Tusk.

After the meeting with the Albanian PM, Tusk also published a Twit.

“Good meeting with Albanian PM Edi Rama ahead of Western Balkans Summit on 17 May in Sophia. Need to keep momentum in Rule of Law reforms to advance on EU path.”

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