Waters retreat leaving a trail of damages behind

Waters retreat leaving a trail of damages behind
Water is retreating from flooded areas all over the country. This is the only good news of the past three days of bad weather, while the damages that were caused by the water were big.

Committee of Civil Emergencies has also assessed the damages: 3193 homes, 7874 hectares of land and 40 businesses have been flooded by water, while 507 families have been evacuated and 1594 people were rescued.

Hundreds of vehicles have been damaged entirely or partially, while there have also been considerable damages in infrastructure. Water has also led to the collapse of several bridges.

Meanwhile, schools have not been spared by the floods either. In 27 of them, the government has decided that classes should not resume.

The situation has also seen an improvement in the ports of the country, which suspended all loading and unloading activity for two days in a row, while ships were ordered not to leave the port.

Ferries have resumed their journeys, without the suspension or the delays that were registered in the recent days.

After the suspension of a number of flights, airlines also have resumed flights today in Mother Teresa international airport.

Power supply has also started to go back to normality, while a day ago, around 230 thousand customers had remained without power supply.

In several areas of the country, there’s still no regular supply of electricity or drinking water.

Thousands of police officers, soldiers and firefighters, not to mention OSHEE employees, hospital employees, municipalities, prefectures and Civil Emergency Department were engaged in coping with the situation.

Ministry of Defence provided means of transport and helicopters.

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